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Team Biographies

Penny Mullins - owner/gardener/artist

I've been growing plants since I was young. My inspiration came from my grandparents - my dad's parents who surrounded their country home in beautiful gardens filled with flowers and vegetables, and my Grandma Wheaton, who had a green thumb and filled her home with houseplants.

I come by it naturally, and I just can't help myself. I live for the growing season and take daily walks around our yard to see how every one of my plants are doing. I finally tired of waiting until spring and put up a HUGE greenhouse. I plan to spend all winter getting my plants ready for spring and for our open house. I can't wait to have you visit!

Our small, family-owned business is based on one philosophy - we love plants and flowers and we want to provide the best we can grow for our customers. We plan to grow with you.

Kati (Mullins) Satterlee - plant consultant

My daughter Kati grew up surrounded by plants both inside and outside our home. She has worked in a local greenhouse and in floral design. She brings a younger perspective to our plant and merchandise selections. Her personality compliments our goal to give each customer personal attention.

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